NEW Clean Treats | skin: Choc Coffee Face Scrub

NEW Clean Treats | skin: Choc Coffee Face Scrub

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Introducing our new Choc Coffee Face Scrub;

Natural, antioxidant skincare, a gentle coffee bean exfoliant, with added benefits of antioxidants and the deliciousness of chocolate. 

Nourishing food for your skin!

 Ingredients: Cacao, Coffee, Coconut Sugar, Coconut Oil and Vanilla.


1-2 x weekly. Always treat your skin with love, and apply gently. 

Be aware of skin sensitivities and do not use on active acne, severely sensitive skin or dehydrated/damaged skin. 

Note: Try this on your body! 

Particularly on those stubborn areas of concern - cellulite, fluid retention.

The ultimate act of self love is taking time to listen to your body and taking a little moment for yourself. So share a little love to your mind, body and soul with a treat, tea and scrub.


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