NEW Clean Treats | skin: Caramel Choc Face Mask

NEW Clean Treats | skin: Caramel Choc Face Mask


Introducing our new Caramel Choc Face Mask, a superfood antioxidant face mask for those #helpme moments or a pre-date skin boost! 


Nourishing food for your skin and your tummy...that's right you can eat it too!

*Note: it is a raw cacao and is quite strong.


Ingredients: Cacao, Maca, Lucuma, Mesquite, Coconut Sugar & Coconut Oil.


1-2 x weekly (if you have active acne skin, use 1 x only) on clean dry skin. 

Use a small amount and apply evenly over your face. 

This product contains Coconut Sugar - so yes, you can eat it out of the packet if you like, but also if you want to incorporate a gently sloughing of old dead skin cells, you can massage this on as an exfoliant. (Note, physical exfoliation is not recommend for Acne Rosacea, Acne Vulgaris, or any angry breakouts)

Lie down, take a moment or Netflix as you were. 

*Note: be aware of heat and to not over apply and create 'Drips'.

The ultimate act of self love is taking time to listen to your body and taking a little moment for yourself.

So share a little love to your mind, body and soul with a treat, tea and our choc caramel face mask.

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