Clean Treats | drink: Breathe Herbal Tea

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(To soothe the nervous system and relax the soul)

100gm, organic wild grown herbal tea. 

Passionflowers: a gentle sedative.

Lavender Flowers: relaxing, used to calm headaches and stress. Nervine tonic,

antidepressant. Calms the nervous system, muscular tension, depression and anxiety.

Lemon balm: helps relieve tension and stress.

Chamomile: These pretty little flowers do more than brighten your day. They also assist with anxiety, restlessness and insomnia.

Touch of Vanilla and Stevia: antioxidant, relaxant, antidepressant, aphrodisiac. Soothes all types of inflammation, calms the systems, in the body, especially the nervous systems in the body, especially the nervous system and can ease anxiety and stress.

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